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Which would you rather have supporting your foundation?


HELICAL PILES - Clean installation with no spoils, No excavation, Installed below water table without casing, Can be loaded immediately after installation, No weather delays, No vibration, No noise Load, Carried on helix bearing plates, Slender shaft reduces heave potential due to skin friction, Each pile is tested for capacity as it is installed by monitoring the torque values, Can be removed, A warranty you can count on


DRILLED CONCRETE PIERS - Drill spoils, Must drill hole / Equipment / Time, Pier must be cased if water table is penetrated, Must wait for concrete to cure before loading, Weather delays, Typically depends on skin friction for bearing, Large surface area makes susceptible to heave due to skin friction, No way to test during installation, Cannot be removed, One (1) year warranty typical

We have the right solution for your project

New Construction Support // Foundation Repair and Augmentation // Soil Nail Retention Wall // Tieback Anchors for New Construction and Repairs // Solar and Wind Foundations // Boardwalks & Pedestrian Bridges Docks // Decks // Patios // Solariums // Home additions // Sheds // Lamp Posts // Fences // Protective Posts // StaircasesSheds // Monuments // Signs // Soft Dome Buildings // more...***** We also do light Excavation projects with our Kamatsu Pc35mr-3 *****

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