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A world leader in helical pile foundation solutions.  They design, manufacture, and install helical piles with their unique true helix design.  Helical piles deliver benefits over competing deep foundation systems including reduced environmental footprint, speed of installation within diverse soil and environmental conditions.

Gravitas Design Inc. provides complete structural engineering services for industrial, commercial and residential construction from roof to foundation.  With specific experience in design and construction using helical pier foundations, Gravitas is well equipped to provide custom solutions for all types of structures.  


Mid Size Barging on Muskoka, Rosseau, and Lake Joseph and portable to any Lake in Muskoka with a boat launch.  At 14 feet wide and 30 feet long the ibarge vessel is capable of moving up to 30, 000 lbs of distributed weight quickly and efficiently to your water access project with twin size Suzuki 4 stroke outboards.

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